Happiness Anyone?

Some of the comments on this blog have already headed into the concept of Happiness and what creates it.

Opinions abound.

Evidence is far thinner on the ground, but here is some.

-Dr Martin W. Russell

A Solution For Challenging Issues

If you are looking for self help, or you’d appreciate help from a qualified doctor who understands what it takes to get out of a tough situation in life, then this site may be for you.

In particular I have put together a virtual ‘meeting’ that covers so much of the ground that people usually need to cover when they are really struggling to break through personal troubles or emotional crises.

Let me explain.

Over the last 8 years I’ve worked exclusively in hypnotherapy and counseling helping hundreds and hundreds of people with all sort of situations.

Even though I’ve kept to a maximum of only 5 new people a week, over the years the numbers stack up.

I’ve found that when people come to me really stuck with problems or issues in their life, I want to talk about the same things about 90% of time.

I thought it would matter what the particular problem was.

I expected I would need to do something different if someone was coming to me because they were depressed, compared to if they were anxious, having a mid-life crisis, in trouble with their relationship, burnt out, stuffing up their finances, feeling overwhelmed, having trouble focusing, whatever it was.

However this wasn’t the case.

This led me to the idea that I could actually present something along the lines of what I was doing in my office, but make it accessible online, so that in the privacy of your own home you could get some help.

So I’ve set up a virtual ‘meeting’ that you can experience right at your computer.

With this Self Help ‘Meeting’ you can test, for free if you like, because if you’re not happy with what you find out you absolutely won’t pay a cent for it, whether a certain level of counseling fits your needs.

No need to set up appointments at a clinic or an office, or fit them into your schedule. No need to come face-to-face with a ‘shrink’ or anyone else for that matter. You can even watch this late at night when everyone else has gone to bed.

And unlike coming to my office for a session, with this virtual ‘meeting’ you’re in full control. You can pause and go back, stop it to take notes, and review it again at any time.

To find out more, and to discover what others are saying about this virtual ‘meeting’, you can check it all out at…


-Dr Martin W. Russell

The Key Life Principle?

A few important things happened in the year I was born.

One of them was that a fellow named Laurence J. Peter got together with Raymond Hull, and put out a book that sat on my father’s bookshelf until the day I read it.

It then made its way into my room at home, and subsequently into my counselling office where it stayed until I lent it out to one too many people and someone didn’t return it.

After I had about 3 more people come to me where I looked to the blank space on the bookshelf for its inspiration, I eventually ignored the fact that it is out of print and bought a pre-loved copy.

I have never let it out of my office since.

The book is “The Peter Principle”.

It examines all levels of society and its institutions, be they government, industry, business, education, religion, the arts, and more.

It analyzes the root cause of why success is a rarity and failure is common.

To quote page 25, “…my analysis of hundreds of cases of occupational incompetence led me to formulate The Peter Principle

‘In a Hierarchy Every Employee Tends to Rise to His (sic) Level of Incompetence’

The overall idea is this…

If you are an employee in a job and you are good at it ie competent, then someone will try and give you a promotion.

When you get promoted you will no longer be doing that job. You will start doing another one.

In this next job you may once again be good at it, and be offered a promotion.

However if you are not good at the job then you go no further.

Nor will you be un-promoted back to the job you were good at before.

This means that over time you as an employee will rise to a level in the heirarchy where you are at your “level of incompetence.”

This very simplified summary of the first chapter of the book is enough for most people to be able to find examples.

Read a newspaper, watch the news, or just look around your life.

Sometimes examples are in workplace you are in, or at the public institutions and private companies that you deal with every day.

Incompetence is rampant.

When I first began my counselling practice, I would explain “The Peter Principle” to people who were needing to make sense of the workplace stress they were under.

The message was that everyone around them, including their boss, was likely to be incompetent.

This tended to soothe their nerves.

The deeper message was that they themselves were likely to be incompetent in their position at work too, and this was probably contributing to their problems.

Many fewer got this second level message.

But over time I realized that this second level was even more pervasive.

It didn’t just apply to people when they were in organisations, it applies in every aspect of success in life!

If you are good at sport do you win more?

No, you just start playing higher levels and harder competition so you still lose.

If you are good at hunting for a job, are you hired to hunt for jobs?

No, you now work at something else that probably doesn’t involve searching Help Wanted ads.

If you earn more money what is the commonest next step?

You get encouraged to go for a raise, make an investment, or start up a business.

If you acquire social skills then you do you sit back and party?

Perhaps, or you may start dating, then marrying, then having small kids, who grow into big kids, who could make you into a grandparent.

So if you succeed at becoming competent at almost anything in life what is the natural consequence?

You will move into a new role…

…with no guarantee you will be any good!

So, what are the consequences of “The Peter Principle” for your success in life?

If you have been wondering why everyone else around you is incompetent, then get this book:


Be warned: it is written in jest, so that as a reader your tears are mainly of laughter.

Dilbert cartoons are a modern equivalent.

As I post this there are 20 Amazon reviews. You will discover that on the 5 star customer rating scale NO ONE gives this 3 stars. A few people hate it, most people love it – there is very little middle ground for this book.

If you have been wondering why you are still stuck with problems, and are not creating the results and success you want out of life, then you are ready for the second level message.

This is the product I offer for you to help yourself:http://www.SelfHelpMeeting.com

-Dr Martin W. Russell

Intern Positions Available

If you’ve ever tried to learn something from a book, or from the theory of how things should work, you’ll have found that success can happen, but it’s rare.

More often there seems to be some vital ingredient missing.

In fact that is one of the reasons all my products so far are NOT written down. You have to experience them ‘live’ – even though you can review them over and over again.

As I’ve been learning about setting this up on the internet, I’ve found once again that until I actually got hands-on inside the methods of a real business I just couldn’t make all the “guru” stuff I was learning work.

Well actually I made it lots of work – way too much. Very time-consuming and rather expensive to boot.

So with this “self help” blog I have set up a intern program for those who are ready to learn the practical skills from the inside of an actual internet business.

You can think of it as self help for learning internet business skills.

There is no cost to you, and you have no risk.

If this interests you, go here to discover more…


-Dr Martin W. Russell

Name Calling

After I finished my medical degree I was told that I had just been through an education that doubled my vocabulary.

Medicine has so many new words for body parts, illnesses, treatments and more, that you end up with an entire volume of language just to comprehend what this is all about.

But medicine is a risky business, so to make sure you actually have a reality base for the meanings of those words they require you to have an internship.

That’s the safe way to guarantee learning.

These days in counselling I spend a lot of time getting people to UNDO the medical labels they have for themselves, such as depression, panic attacks, Asperger’s, ADHD and many, many others.

In the wrong hands these terms are dangerous.

The most widely used official source of psychiatric diagnoses is called DSM-IV and the  abridged version I refer to most often comes with a chapter titled “Cautionary Statement”.

Among other cautions it says, “The proper use of these [diagnostic] criteria requires specialized clinical training that provides both a body of knowledge and clinical skills.”

This means it isn’t intended for use outside medical circles.

I think that’s a sensible rule.

Otherwise it’s like kids in a school yard calling each other names that they’ve heard adults use, but with no idea what they actually mean.

At least those kids realize the names can be hurtful.

Do we?

Shut Up, Stop Whining, and Get a Life

I hope that title caught your attention.

It caught mine!

It’s the title of a book I picked up just last month as I got started with this new online business.

The dedication at the start begins with “I lovingly dedicate this book to all the crap that ever happened to me.”

The guy is an Australian called Larry Winget, and he too has just started up an online blog at wait for it…. LarryWinget.net/blog/ – gosh aren’t we guys original.

Anyway Larry has moved on since 2004 when the book was written. He now has another book and a TV Show called “Big Spender” where he gets to ‘counsel’ people on their poor spending habits.

He has his own version of what ‘counseling’ is, and I think you might like it.

For example, if you want his take on running a household budget then you can have a look here.

Or if you just want a self help kick up the pants you might enjoy it too.

The Greatest Self Help Need?

If there was one situation that most calls out for self help it is the time when everything is designed not to need it.

It could be being on welfare.

It could be going into hospital.

Both of those are great times to look to self help methods.

Just as an example I am particularly familiar with, the hospital is the most likely place for you to catch a serious infection. That’s where all the people with the nastiest bugs go, even if everyone is more careful there.

Along the lines of “I rob banks because that’s where the money is”, then go to hospitals because that’s where the illnesses are.

Or doctor’s waiting rooms… try sitting in there during an epidemic of influenza, SARS, meningitis, or bird flu.

When I was a doctor seeing people with coughs and colds, I was happy to boost my immune system the natural way by getting a little bit of everyone elses illnesses. It worked for me, and it seems to work for alot of other doctors too.

Of course there could be other explanations for the phenomenon.

Perhaps spending all that time watching other people come for help, makes a person keen to rely on themselves more.

-Dr Martin W. Russell

Happiness Vs IQ

Have you ever wondered why so many successful people stumble and have problems, and why so very few of us seem to have the complete success we strive for?

Perhaps you are like a patient of mine who came to me with the diagnosis of “depression”, whatever that really means.

I asked him what he wanted, and he told me that as he was driving in to see me, he saw a woman who had the characteristic look of someone with the intellectual disability of Down’s Syndrome being walked along the street by another older woman.

He said, “This young woman was just seen walking down the street with a broad beaming smile stuck all over her face. I want to be her. Blissfully ignorant of the problems of the world, with someone else to take care of everything for me.”

Can the price of life-long happiness really be a loss of personal freedom and loss of IQ?

All-Time Favourite Quote…

“Any year where you don’t destroy one of your best-loved ideas is probably wasted. It’s a very useful thing to do.”

Charlie Munger,
Billionaire & Vice-Chairman, Berkshire Hathaway Corporation

This quote is the ‘theme song’ if you will for my Self Help ‘Meeting’ to turn your life around.

What do you think are your best-loved ideas?

Interested in not wasting another year with all of them?