Offer And Intern Updates

Okay the special offer emails have gone out to all the buyers yesterday, and you have until 5pm today to take up the offer. It’s a one off to get a kick-start for some of my products, so I deliberately made it very generous.

If you haven’t received your offer email, then let me know.

Also, I have put a hold on the Intern Program.

Last week I had my 100th person go through the program. It all happened a bit faster than I expected and I’m delighted with the response.

It’s ready to get an upgrade to the Version 2.0 Program.

I’ll be sending out a specific feedback email to those who signed on. I’m interested in your thoughts about how it can be improved and what can stay the same.

-Dr Martin W. Russell

Final Chance

This is the last post of the week.

On around Sunday or Monday, depending on your time zone, I will be sending out a 24-hour special offer.

This will only be sent to those of you who already have one of my products.

You have until midnight Sunday US Eastern Standard Time, to order and get sent this offer.

The final product this week is one that I’m not going to explain myself.

I’ll let others tell you about it…

“Your Self-Help Meeting gave me a new slant on some problems that so many of us grapple with. It’s not a rehash of the same old info we’ve heard before. I found your video both helpful and interesting. Right after listening to it, I recommended it to a friend.”

Gary Bridgemaster

“My wife and I are on our 7th play and plan to listen yet again.

We continue to discover new principals each time.

In a time when most medical professionals are happy to prescribe a “pill” and move on, your insight and skill at seeing to the root of a problem is no less than groundbreaking.

Thank you for your help.”

Denver Fields

” I have many interests, but self help — or personal development as I think of it — is one subject I’ve read the most about over the years.

I’ve devoured hundreds of books and audio programmes by the likes of Napoleon Hill, Steven Covey, Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer and many others.

‘Self Help Meeting’ … contains some quite provocative ideas (which have practical application) that I’ve never read or heard anywhere else.

Afterwards you may find yourself thinking and acting differently — and you may also stop ‘beating yourself up’ for things you’ve either done or think you shouldn’t do.”

Ed Rivis, UK

Here’s the page for you to check out Self Help ‘Meeting’ for yourself:

-Dr Martin W. Russell

It Isn’t Over Yet…

One of the commonest requests I get in counseling is “I want to get over XYZ, yet I can’t seem to. Can you help me?”

Could be a bad marriage or boyfriend, could be a past trauma, or a bad childhood, could be a death or some other type of loss. Anything that people feel is stopping them from moving on with their life and their future.

Yet what does “getting over it” really mean?

Many people seem to just want to go on as if it never happened. Does this work, and what do you do if it doesn’t work? How can you be sure when you have finally gotten over something once and for all?

This area of counseling often has more questions than answers, and so I created this online course:

In it I go through these questions, give specifics on how to set clear outcomes and define your progress so you can find your way in a seeming fog of all the issues.

I also walk you through the first key step to any process of getting over something. It’s simple, takes only a few minutes, and will get you further along your way, no matter how long you have been stuck in the past.

There is too much of life awaiting you, for you to allow your past to be a impenetrable barrier to your future rather than a sturdy bridge.

It’s up to you:

-Dr Martin W. Russell

Getting Regular Sleep

If you have been following this blog for any period of time at all you will realize that I am passionate about self help.

I hate the unnecessary damage and suffering that happens when people don’t know how best to take care of themselves, and I love helping people get the skills they need.

It’s always exciting for me to meet someone new coming into my office for help, and there is one time in particular when I just rub my hands in delight.

When people tell me they have problems sleeping.

Sleeping seems such an easy thing. Most people seem to do it easily. We’ve all done it our entire lives. Indeed, we can’t not do it.

So can it possibly cause so many problems?

In my years of counseling people it seems that most poor sleep is either a side effect of some other problem that needs addressing, or it is a left-over of an episode of bad sleep that just never settled back to normal.

In fact often when I point out to people that there is another problem that needs addressing, and then simply get them a good night’s sleep, they follow on and solve the issues they need to for themselves.

It’s quick one session therapy and effective too.

So how do I get people to get their sleep back so quickly?

More often than not people have already been recommended something for their sleep, such as a prescription medicine, or as a pharmacy product, or as a herbal tea, or natural remedy, or the like. You can even use a relaxation CD if that’s what makes you sleepy, it makes no difference.

This is the one time in my counseling that I actively suggest medication. Sleeping medication has a bad reputation, mostly for getting people addicted, and when I show people how to avoid this problem then the medication is a very useful way of applying a bandaid that can help them get on with the rest of their life.

Whichever way you get to sleep you need to make sure you get the sleep you need, but that you also get back to an unassisted sleep routine as soon as possible.

It doesn’t even matter if you are already on sleeping pills and feeling like you can’t get off them. The process is the same, and I have an online ‘consultation’ that takes you through all the steps you need to finally and regularly have a good night’s sleep here:

What’s more if you purchase “Self Help For Sleeping Meds” or any of my other products listed up on the side before Monday, you will be in on the special 24-hour offer I will be sending out then by individual email.

This offer will not available from this blog. It is a buyers-only reward.

-Dr Martin W. Russell

Compensation Has Risks

If you are interested in helping yourself it is good to know what will bring you the biggest results for your efforts.

For example if you want to live longer, then statistically you are better off to stop smoking rather than lose weight or exercise. Of course if you don’t currently smoke then you can get started on the other two.

If you want to recover from an injury then here are the statistics you need to know.

Statistically what you need to avoid is compensation.

Yes really.

In the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association a 2005 paper analyzed all the studies they could find on compensation for injuries that needed surgery.

Of 211 studies, 175 found that compensation was associated with a worse outcome, 35 found no difference or did not describe a difference, and 1 described a benefit associated with compensation.

Roughly speaking this means you have a less than 1/2 a percent chance that compensation is likely to make your health outcome better. That’s staggering.

This same damaging effect of compensation shows up in people with head injuries and chronic pain.

What about compensation for psychological problems?

The data is even more scarce, but still along the same lines.

It doesn’t even matter if the compensation scheme is no-fault or not, or involves lawyers or not, worker’s compensation, motor vehicle compensation, insurance compensation, the trend is still the same.

In summary…

For the sake of your health, do NOT get involved in compensation.

If compensation is unavoidable or necessary for other reasons, then realize that you need to take extra precautions. The medical research doesn’t yet pinpoint the precise cause of the poor outcomes from compensation claims, but from my experience in working with people over the years, both as a medical doctor and in counseling, I recommend these self help skills to be vital.

They may save your health.

-Dr Martin W. Russell

Choosing For Yourself

Today is the second of my online courses you may wish to purchase to get in on the buyers-only offer coming soon.

Ever been stuck in a dilemma?

You know, the one where you are trying to decide which option to take, when both of them seem equally balanced.

Maybe both options seem quite good. Maybe they are both equally unthinkable. Either way, you end up not knowing which to choose.

Most dilemmas are trivial; should I have tea or coffee, should I add milk, should I cut out the sugar?

Sometimes however our dilemmas can seem to be our entire life and future; should I leave my job, should I get married again, should I see a therapist?

Luckily the structure of a dilemma is the same no matter how big or important it is, and there are solutions. Or you can just wait and procrastinate until the decision is made for you.

There are even some shortcuts to finding solutions. You can find my shortcuts for you on this page:

-Dr Martin W. Russell

Starting Off

Within the week I’m having a special 24 hour offer.

It won’t be posted on this blog. I will personally email this offer solely to those people who have already purchased one of my products.

This offer will be a one-off to say Thankyou to those early birds who have found me and already purchased.

Over this week I will be explaining each of my products and if you purchase even just one of them, you will receive this email with this special offer.

Starting off my introductions is one of my favorites…

When I began counseling I planned to stop writing prescriptions. My aim was to concentrate on what I enjoyed and what I had particular skill at, and that was psychological work.

I wanted to leave behind my 10 years of medical training that used surgery and medication, and offer something else.

The problem was that many of the people who came to me were already on medication, and my automatic instinct was to ask them about it. I was glad I did!

So many people were using medication in ways that were totally ineffective, or took much longer than needed, or made their situation even worse. Anti-depressants were stopping people from feeling in control of their lives, blood pressure medication was making people more stressed, nicotine patches were compounding the nicotine addiction, and so on.

I was horrified.

Then there were people who weren’t on medication at all. There were many occasions when they could have avoided coming to me altogether, and had their lives back on track so much sooner, if they had appropriately used a medication.

From pain-killers to anti-fungals, there was an obvious need for people to get control of their medication use.

So one of the first products I put together is called “Self Help Rx”.

“Rx” is the symbol for “prescription” or more commonly treatment.

If you are currently taking medication, or you are currently trying not to take a medication, then you need to be informed. Reviewing the potential side effects and adverse reactions of a medication is not enough.

You need to know how to plan to use a medication, to use the smallest dose, for the shortest time, AND get the maximum result.

Many modern medicines actually can deliver great results when used wisely.

Are you getting the full benefits?

Here is my online course to help you make the most of medication and other treatments:

-Dr Martin W. Russell

James Brausch . com

  • Update: 20 October 2007:

James Brausch has an open question time on his blog, and I thought this would be an appropriate place to ask this guy a self-help question…

James, you may feel you aren’t talking from experience since your two are so young, but what is your Life Management 101 advice for raising children?

Update Sept 14 2007: There are more developments on James’ blog here.

My reply below still stands pretty much as is. I like an earlier remark from James’ blog: “mass incompetence (or evil… the result is the same)” and I agree. If someone sticks a knife into you it’s the same blood whether they aimed for you or just tripped.

It’s looking less likely that CDBaby will be up to the tasks below, but never count them out. As a counselor I’m well used to the phrase “the darkest hour comes before the dawn”, or in alcoholic terminology “hitting rock bottom.”


I’ve recently been recommending James Brausch’s CD, and an interested twist has come up.

James was trying to win a competition for the most CDs sold in August through a company called CDBaby. He now says they have acted in ways that have hobbled his sales efforts and maybe stopped him from winning.

He’s put a post on his blog:

Is The CD Baby Contest Rigged?

There he gives details about some of the circumstances that makes him think CDBaby has been dodgy, and he is asking for suggestions as to what he should do. Should he sue, bring in the Federal Trade Commission authorities to review the legality of the competition, or what?

Interesting situation.

What do YOU do when you think someone has done you wrong?

What principles do you apply?

Well let me describe the principles James uses, because I think they are a good standard to begin with.

Just over a decade ago now James was homeless and penniless from drug addiction. He ended up using the 12 Step program made famous through Alcoholics Anonymous.

He is now a living example of the final step…

STEP 12. Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to alcoholics, and to practice these principles in all our affairs (my emphasis.)

Here are the relevant principles from the 12 Steps that James would apply to CDBaby…

STEP 4. Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.

James is saying CDBaby has done wrong. He will want them to assess his criticisms and their performance in full.

STEP 8. Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all.

James says harm has been done to himself, to those who run his business, and to people who were unable to purchase his CD and get the bonuses he was offering at the time.

STEP 9. Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.

James outlines some of his claims for damages on his blog. The reparation follows from this.

Making amends isn’t meant to be complicated.

Damage -> Amends

Not winning CDBaby contest -> Declare James the winner.

The reputation of James Brausch and employees -> Clear up these questions publicly and with an apology.

Potential buyers who missed out on James’ CD and/or bonuses -> A second-chance offer could be negotiated with James, or something offered by CDBaby directly.

Curious buyers who might have bought the “top-selling” CD -> This could be done by some publicity that brings more buyers eg special winner announcement, Top Seller Of The Month page.

Ultimately this comes to the big question…

Will James sue CDBaby?

Well my guess is that James will do whatever is needed to make sure that he gets CDBaby to do the above Steps. Suing is a possible, but very much later stage. His latest move has been to put his issues with CDBaby publicly on his blog.

There are always two sides to a situation like this.

CDBaby and staff will have their own take on what has gone on. Some of their side of it is coming out already.

With more information I assume James will assess his, and his staff’s, role in this too. He will not only take a moral inventory of his performance, he will move beyond the 12 Steps and apply the business process of Kaizen, or “continuous improvement”.

What this means is that he will review the procedures in his business that led to this situation. He will then make changes to attempt to avoid such problems in future.

For example he may explore alternate options for selling CDs so that he is not reliant on just one company, or he may change his communications with companies before entering such competitions.

In my opinion, there are a number of ways that this situation can end up being very beneficial for James and for CDBaby. But all of them grow from these beginnings of 12 Steps and Kaizen.

However, you may be left thinking, so what!

What does a stand-off between a millionaire internet business blogger and a multi-million dollar independent CD company have to do with me and my day-to-day troubles?

Well, lots potentially.

But that’s for Part 2…

-Dr Martin W. Russell