The Only Full Dieting Method I Dare Recommend…

Most people are convinced that changing WHAT you eat is the best option for losing weight.

For these people, the question is WHICH method to use? Should it be low-carbohydrate, low-fat, high-protein, low G-I, low sugar, grapefruit-only, etc etc etc. Aargh!

How can you really select the best one for you?

Well finally I have something to recommend to answer this question once and for all.

The method comes from a guy I’ve been following for over 2 years. He sold his system to the current owners who are finally offering his work to the public.

I am delighted that I can at last point you to the ONLY full dieting method I dare recommend.

You can discover more at &

NOTE: Why would I recommend a ‘diet’ when I openly promote a non-diet method? Well for the same reasons I recommended surgery as a weight loss option…

1. No single method works for every individual.

2. There are many roads that can lead to the same end result of  lasting weight loss. If a diet was EVER going to work, then this method would be it.

-Dr Martin Russell