How To Get Work Using A Fundamental of Business

My Life in Advertising

The key skill for getting work is to be able to sell.

If you are in business you need to sell regularly to clients, vendors, bank managers, partners

If you want to be an employee, you just need to sell to your potential employer.

Now, as a side note, if you want to get a job in a public service position, reading this will not help you. I don’t know what such employers want.

However if you are being hired by someone who is the direct owner of a business, then you can know one thing about them – the money they are paying you comes out of THEIR pocket.

In a business, you are not just competing with anyone else who applies for the job. You are competing with the business owner not employing any one at all!

Do you have skills? Do you have value to offer to a business?

If so, then you can ignore many other issues of not having the experience, the qualifications, or even the ‘perfect’ resume.

What you need it to find a way to demonstrate your value AND to get in front of people who have made their own success.

All the way back a century ago this was true, as described in one of the seminal books on selling, “My Life in Advertising”, by Claude Hopkins (this was written in 1927 so please excuse the male gender references)…

Most young men and most beginners think that the older men overlook them. My experience is that men in business are looking for capacity. That is the crying dearth. The more we know the more we realize the volume of work to be done. The able workers in any line are few, and all are looking for relief and help. All who see the realities are anxious to find others who can see them.

And when they find them, as Claude Hopkins goes on to say, they will hire them – and for a higher wage too.

Note: if you do not have some sense of passion or purpose in what you do, you are unlikely to add great value. Is it time to rethink your path?

And if you rethink your path, then here is one other piece of advice from Claude Hopkins who started as a bookkeeper in his first business job:

I began to reason in this way: A bookkeeper is an expense. In every business expenses are kept down. I could never be worth more than any other man who could do the work I did. The big salaries were paid to salesmen, to the men who brought in orders, or to the men in the factory who reduced the costs. They showed profits, and they could command a reasonable share of those profits.I saw the difference between the profit-earning and the expense side of a business, and I resolved to graduate from the debit class …
… Clerkship was an expense, and expenses would always be minimized. I was struggling to graduate into the profit-earning class where no such limit exists.

A New Diabetes Exercise Regimen – Is It For You?

diabetes exercise

I’ve just finished watching this BBC TV program below which was done back in February 2012.

At the start, it says that with a total of 3 minutes of intense exercise per week, you can get health benefits and one of those health benefits is to improve your sensitivity to insulin.

What that means is, for diabetics, you may have less need for insulin and low sugar levels and for normal people you may just have the chance to prevent getting diabetes.

These seem like worthwhile things so i’d certainly suggest you watch this video below.

There are two extra things as you do so.

The first is that, as it points out, exercise is not a good method for losing weight.

So if you want to exercise, go into it with realistic expectations.

The second thing however is and i’ll include a link here to a better article about the Timmons regimen for this process, the actual whole exercise itself takes 21 minutes a week not just the 3 minutes of intense exercise that it mentioned in the start.

But still, 21 minutes for an entire week is pretty good and I think you might be interested in finding out what the results exactly are. Give it a go.

The Truth About Exercise from Chef Central on Vimeo.

WARNING: As it says in the program itself, do not begin any any new exercise program without consulting your health practitioner first.

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