DIY Marriage Therapy

If you are having problems in your marriage, it can be a big problem.

Even more of a problem is what to do to get help to save your marriage or to get access to worthwhile marriage counselling

In my experience I often see one person in the relationship, and the other one is reluctant to come to therapy.

And really that’s not surprising; it’s hard to coordinate busy schedules or handle kids to arrange the visit together, one partner is usually more used to talk therapy than the other, and worst of all, it’s tough to air your ‘dirty linen’ even to a medical doctor where you know it is completely confidential.

So what to do?

Well fortunately the results are now in for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Marriage Therapy – and the results are surprisingly good.

The results are as good as seeing a therapist (50% success rate), take about half the time, and last for years.

Best of all it’s as cheap as renting a movie!

The research appeared in December 2013, and one of the researchers explains more here:


Use this link to get the DIY Marriage Therapy details (Options 2 or 3), and also to find a more modern list of movies you can watch together.