I am Dr Martin Russell, a Medical Doctor from Adelaide University (MB,BS 1993) who then trained as a General Practitioner (FRACGP).

In my private time, I enjoy regular sport, and time with my wife and three young children. Alongside that, I have a passion for my work, where I seek to be “the difference that makes a difference” in people’s lives.

In the past, I have worked with children (at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital), Aboriginal people (in Port Augusta), in country general practice (Mt Gambier and Cummins), in community psychiatry (SA Mental Health Service), and with the terminally ill and dying (at the Daw House Hospice.)

In 1998 though, I left general practice to further pursue my interest in psychological therapy and change.

From there, I have gone on to establish my own solo practice and www.DrMartinRussell.com, an international Self Help website with most visitors designed to take my experience beyond the 4 walls of my office.

For my local updates, please refer to www.DrMartinRussell.com/adelaide


Since finishing my degrees, I have trained in and beyond Adelaide with a diverse range of experts including:

Dr John Grinder, Ph.D. President, Quantum Leap / Co-developer of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) / former Associate Professor of Linguistics, University of California

Terrence McClendon and Kasrynne Huolohan. Founder and Trainer, McClendon and Associates, Queensland

Dr Glyn Brokensha. Medical Hypnotherapist and Educator

Jeffrey Hodges. Director, Sportsmind Institute for Human Performance Research

John Suess. Developer of Analytical Hypnotherapy, and one of the few people authorised in Queensland exclusively as a hypnotherapist

Steve Andreas. International Author and Speaker / Developer of NLP Models

Dr Miriam Freeman. Associate Professor, College of Social Work, University of South Carolina

Paul McKenna. Hypnotist

Dr Richard Bandler, Ph.D. Co-developer of NLP


I look forward to being of service to you.


Dr Martin Russell
MBBS (University of Adelaide 1993), FRACGP
[The US translation of this is that I’m an M.D.]