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Financial Self Help

There is a reason that is titled ‘Self Help 101’.

Self Help is what I am passionate about for you most of all.

And there are many areas for self help I want to offer, for example:
– mental / psychological (of course)
– physical health
– spiritual / religion (yes, really)
– relationships
– but also, financial.

All these are crucial to being able to take care of yourself, AND be in a better position to help others too.

Next week end if you can get away from Fringe events and public holiday weekend plans, I thoroughly recommend getting to this event on Sat/Sun March 6-7.

This will be the official Adelaide launch of the new book – ‘Think and Grow Rich Cashflow”. When you attend the 2-day event you but also get a free copy and have it signed by the author, Stuart Zadel, who is also the Australian publisher of the classic self help book “Think and Grow Rich”.

[Stuart is also someone I have gotten to know over the past couple of years, and have sought out for advice for my own financial future.]

In 2009 he released a hugely popular book called… “Think and Grow Rich In Property”. The response was absolutely overwhelming; all five of his capital city launches completely sold-out in weeks. (And there actually ended up being 9 launches as he had to re-host four of them to cope with the demand).

Now it’s time for the release of what’s sure to be his next ‘Best-Seller’, “Think & Grow Rich Cashflow”. This live event will not only be your chance to get a complimentary copy of the book, but actually hear from the individuals who’ve put together the 6 amazing strategies you can start implementing to increase your cashflow in 2010.

That’s it really… The event is free, and the opportunity is priceless!

So to make sure you don’t miss out, like so many did for the Think And Grow Rich events last year, visit

As with all the self-help options I will ever recommend, this one will also give you advantages in other areas of your life too.

Not only is Stuart Zadel an international-quality presenter, he is also a wonderful guy in person too.

It saddens me that something as crucial to everyday life as money, is ignored by the school system.

Think of all the kids already in debt, living beyond their means, and using credit cards to survive. Heck a big percentage of adults live this way too!

Get others to go with you, or if you can’t attend, get them to go and tell you what it was like.

Get around people who are interested in self help, financially, and otherwise, with their next visit at

Yes, I’ve had my wife, sister-in-law and a niece go to one of the events last year. My niece was just 16 when I got her to go. It’s taken me twice that many years to learn this stuff.

[Do you want a free physical copy of the Think and Grow Rich book? Of course you do. Just click this link to get your copy, and find out also why this book is being given away for free.]


– Dr Martin Russell