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Following Instructions

Have you ever thought you were following instructions exactly as described, and then found out that you weren’t.

I just discovered that I’ve been incorrectly mixing the milk powder formula for my 1 year old daughter.

I’ve been putting in 3 scoops, when it was meant to be 33% stronger at 4 scoops. I had been adamant I had read the instructions and was doing it correctly. I wasn’t.

Incredibly this is now my third child. Even though all three children were breastfed, I have still gone through probably more than a hundred of these milk formula cans, which means I’ve prepared many times that number of bottles over the years.

I even know I have revisited that particular set of instructions many times.

I still had it wrong.

And it’s not a one off experience for me.

As an example, about 5 years ago I was recommended to try a new shampoo.

It had instructions on it amounting to 2 sentences of a total of about 20 words.

In the first week of use I re-read those 20 words every day. I changed what I was doing on at least 4 occasions before I was happy I had it right. It was a very humbling experience.

However I suspect I’m not alone.

In my counseling work I get to give other people instructions too, and I’ve noticed what they do with them.

However by setting up this blog I found an even more obvious area for me to observe people’s ability to follow instructions.

With this blog I have an Intern Program where I teach people hands-on how to run an internet business.

Would you believe that the commonest problem people have had in following the Intern Program is not following instructions?

Even when I have let people know that they did not follow the instructions, they still repeated the same errors.

Then they got frustrated, and all but one stopped.

Really, really interesting.

Others have performed the procedures successfully. I re-read the instructions myself, and on only one occasion was the instruction itself unclear.

On all the other occasions the issue was that the instructions had not been precisely followed. In fact part of the Intern Program’s design is to test how well people can follow instructions because it is a crucial skill for success in business and in life.

How often have you tried something and then given up when it didn’t work?

On a rough survey of myself, my interns, and my patients over many years, I would suspect that one of the commonest problems will have been that you did not precisely follow the instructions.

“Oh, no, not me”, you say. “The problems I run into are one due to inadequate instructions in the first place, not because I don’t follow them.”

Well, gently I ask you to consider this…

IF, in the bizarrely unlikely event that you didn’t follow an instruction precisely as described, how would you discover your error?

Without feedback from someone who knows what it should be instead, you wouldn’t ever know!

This is the whole problem.

You may NEVER know of this error when it happens, and you can spend all your time identifying a thousand other reasons which have nothing to do with the crucial issue.

So there are only two possible solutions.

1. Self Help: Repeatedly start over, as if for the first time, and recheck whether you are following the instructions.

2. Other Help: Find someone who has already done what you want to do and who is willing to give you honest feedback on your efforts as you go. You can call them a counselor, adviser, friend, or even enemy, because sometimes that might be what it feels like, but in the end they are an extremely valuable mentor.

Even professional sports people are continually getting instruction on how to refine what they do to be closer and closer to what is ideal.

Of course you may get to the level where you decide to do things your own way. But first it’s a good idea to have done things the standard way, so you have a basis for comparing your personalized version.

So go ahead.

Pick something you have tried in your life that didn’t work out.

Consider if it might be at all possible that you didn’t follow the instructions 100% as described.

-Dr Martin Russell

15 Actions To Help Yourself

Forget New Year’s Resolutions. Forget goal setting.

Start taking self help action. It can be massive action, small steps, or incremental change to a new direction.

Almost everything you read on this site includes something immediately actionable. But here are the top 15 actions so far…

1. If you are having a horrible time this holiday season then give yourself a break by following this post here before the end of New Year’s Day January 1st. (Interestingly this one has so far been taken up only by women. This is definitely one for men to do too, and may be even more important for them.)

2. If you are having trouble sleeping, or are taking something to help you sleep, take back control of your sleep and your sleeping pills tonight.

3. If you have a warped sense of humor about medicine, self help and the helping professions, then you can add your own ideas to this growing list.

4. If you need Will Power, go here.

5. If you want to learn internet marketing and how to run an internet business, and you have the time, but not the money, then you can learn as an intern.

6. If something you come across on this site interests you, or irks you, or inspires you, add a comment at the bottom. It’s simple to do.

7. If you only have 5 minutes a day to improve your life, do this.

8. If you would like articles for your ezine or online newsletter, then go to my Contact Page and let me know your name, website, ezine name, and email address, and I will include you in my distribution list when I send out the articles I write for this site.

9. If you want to rock the foundations of what you believe is true about life, spirituality, and the importance of human beings then reading this book here could do it for you.

10. If you are wanting a new way to act in the world, take the mindset from this dying man’s life lesson.

11. If you have a particular issue you are wanting help for, then check if I cover it in one of the online self help ‘sessions’ I have available as products on the left-hand side of my blog. If you’re not sure where to start then Self Help Meeting is the one, and if you are looking for something I don’t have yet, then leave a comment on this post to recommend one I should make.

12. If you want to do something about our society being over medicated with pills, you can help out on a campaign to reduce the use of sleeping pills here.

13. If you take yourself too seriously (as if anyone in this category would believe this of themselves) then here is the cure.

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-Dr Martin Russell

Intern Program Re-Opens

This post is for people who want to learn about internet marketing and online business systems, without risk, and for free.

About 3 months ago I opened up an intern program to pass on the skills I use in building my online businesses. The response was so great that I had 100 people go through it in surprisingly quick succession.

The idea of hands-on learning seemed to appeal to enough people that I’m re-opening the program, with improvements.

If you have an interest in true internet business (rather than fads and quick-fixes) then you can discover more about this Intern Program at…

-Dr Martin Russell

Offer And Intern Updates

Okay the special offer emails have gone out to all the buyers yesterday, and you have until 5pm today to take up the offer. It’s a one off to get a kick-start for some of my products, so I deliberately made it very generous.

If you haven’t received your offer email, then let me know.

Also, I have put a hold on the Intern Program.

Last week I had my 100th person go through the program. It all happened a bit faster than I expected and I’m delighted with the response.

It’s ready to get an upgrade to the Version 2.0 Program.

I’ll be sending out a specific feedback email to those who signed on. I’m interested in your thoughts about how it can be improved and what can stay the same.

-Dr Martin W. Russell

The House Of Interns

When I was training to be a doctor there was one book that was the “underground” text for our training.

It was a book that I only heard once mentioned officially… and that was to be told “Don’t read it.”

Imagine what we did with that instruction!
It was the story of a fresh medical intern coming to grips with difference between medicine as sacred truths, and medicine as a daily job.

It was called “The House Of God” by Samuel Shem, and I got hold of it in about my third year of training.

You could think of it like a hospital version of “Catch-22”. It is seriously black and twisted.

Television programs glorify medicine.

This book scribbles graffiti over it instead.

But when I first read “The House Of God” it didn’t make sense to me. I hadn’t had any similar experiences, so it just seemed cruel and unreal.

When I was an intern it made soooo much good sense.

If you have been trying to learn something and it’s not working for you, get a mentor who has been further along on the path you want to go.

If it is for self help, then my products for that are listed on the side.

However if you are online and want to learn internet business and marketing skills, then I have something for that too…

Oh, and by the way. In keeping with the theme of this blog the Intern Program will have self-help components in it.

The biggest stumbling blocks in a career, or in business, are often in yourself rather than any particular skills that might be missing.

So I always recommend choosing learning that includes more than just the specific skill set for the tasks.

-Dr Martin W. Russell

Intern Positions Available

If you’ve ever tried to learn something from a book, or from the theory of how things should work, you’ll have found that success can happen, but it’s rare.

More often there seems to be some vital ingredient missing.

In fact that is one of the reasons all my products so far are NOT written down. You have to experience them ‘live’ – even though you can review them over and over again.

As I’ve been learning about setting this up on the internet, I’ve found once again that until I actually got hands-on inside the methods of a real business I just couldn’t make all the “guru” stuff I was learning work.

Well actually I made it lots of work – way too much. Very time-consuming and rather expensive to boot.

So with this “self help” blog I have set up a intern program for those who are ready to learn the practical skills from the inside of an actual internet business.

You can think of it as self help for learning internet business skills.

There is no cost to you, and you have no risk.

If this interests you, go here to discover more…

-Dr Martin W. Russell