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“Life Hacks”: An Introduction

The term “life hacks” is about solutions for even the most mundane and ordinary problems in everyday life.

Human beings can be amazingly creative at solving problems and finding a better way to do something, and just because so many of us do it one way, doesn’t mean that someone somewhere can’t do better.

And now with the internet, they can share their solutions – no matter how small they may seem.

In fact, I often wish people turned to such “hacking” techniques for their psychological life as well, rather than to psychiatry. Personally I think they would get alot further, and I hope to provide many such “mental life hack” techniques on this blog.

Anyway, here are just some standard “life hacks” (as defined by Wikipedia) to whet your appetite for more…

[When I came across this list I automatically took down reminder notes on 4 of them, discovered I was already using about 8 of them, and then organized to put this list up on my blog so I could find the rest when I need them later. For example, just tonight I told my Mum about the one for finding tiny items that get lost in the carpet. Neat stuff!]

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