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James doesn’t hold back, and I don’t either.

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-Dr Martin W. Russell

Happiness Anyone?

Some of the comments on this blog have already headed into the concept of Happiness and what creates it.

Opinions abound.

Evidence is far thinner on the ground, but here is some.

-Dr Martin W. Russell

Name Calling

After I finished my medical degree I was told that I had just been through an education that doubled my vocabulary.

Medicine has so many new words for body parts, illnesses, treatments and more, that you end up with an entire volume of language just to comprehend what this is all about.

But medicine is a risky business, so to make sure you actually have a reality base for the meanings of those words they require you to have an internship.

That’s the safe way to guarantee learning.

These days in counselling I spend a lot of time getting people to UNDO the medical labels they have for themselves, such as depression, panic attacks, Asperger’s, ADHD and many, many others.

In the wrong hands these terms are dangerous.

The most widely used official source of psychiatric diagnoses is called DSM-IV and theĀ  abridged version I refer to most often comes with a chapter titled “Cautionary Statement”.

Among other cautions it says, “The proper use of these [diagnostic] criteria requires specialized clinical training that provides both a body of knowledge and clinical skills.”

This means it isn’t intended for use outside medical circles.

I think that’s a sensible rule.

Otherwise it’s like kids in a school yard calling each other names that they’ve heard adults use, but with no idea what they actually mean.

At least those kids realize the names can be hurtful.

Do we?

The Greatest Self Help Need?

If there was one situation that most calls out for self help it is the time when everything is designed not to need it.

It could be being on welfare.

It could be going into hospital.

Both of those are great times to look to self help methods.

Just as an example I am particularly familiar with, the hospital is the most likely place for you to catch a serious infection. That’s where all the people with the nastiest bugs go, even if everyone is more careful there.

Along the lines of “I rob banks because that’s where the money is”, then go to hospitals because that’s where the illnesses are.

Or doctor’s waiting rooms… try sitting in there during an epidemic of influenza, SARS, meningitis, or bird flu.

When I was a doctor seeing people with coughs and colds, I was happy to boost my immune system the natural way by getting a little bit of everyone elses illnesses. It worked for me, and it seems to work for alot of other doctors too.

Of course there could be other explanations for the phenomenon.

Perhaps spending all that time watching other people come for help, makes a person keen to rely on themselves more.

-Dr Martin W. Russell

Happiness Vs IQ

Have you ever wondered why so many successful people stumble and have problems, and why so very few of us seem to have the complete success we strive for?

Perhaps you are like a patient of mine who came to me with the diagnosis of “depression”, whatever that really means.

I asked him what he wanted, and he told me that as he was driving in to see me, he saw a woman who had the characteristic look of someone with the intellectual disability of Down’s Syndrome being walked along the street by another older woman.

He said, “This young woman was just seen walking down the street with a broad beaming smile stuck all over her face. I want to be her. Blissfully ignorant of the problems of the world, with someone else to take care of everything for me.”

Can the price of life-long happiness really be a loss of personal freedom and loss of IQ?

All-Time Favourite Quote…

“Any year where you don’t destroy one of your best-loved ideas is probably wasted. It’s a very useful thing to do.”

Charlie Munger,
Billionaire & Vice-Chairman, Berkshire Hathaway Corporation

This quote is the ‘theme song’ if you will for my Self Help ‘Meeting’ to turn your life around.

What do you think are your best-loved ideas?

Interested in not wasting another year with all of them?

Self Help Resources

Over on the side there, there are a few links to the products I currently offer.

Each of them comes directly from the work I’ve done with people, who have often come to me because nothing else has worked for them.

Here’s a summary of each…

Self Help ‘Meeting’ – At the end of an initial assessment I found myself saying, “I think I’ve done myself out of a job here. You have put alot of time and energy into solving the issue you came to me with, and I hope now that you understand what prevented you from getting the results you wanted. With the changes we have made you may well find that you have all you need from here.”

This wasn’t good for building a counseling practice based on repeat visits!

However I also realized that quite alot of the time the methods I was using in that initial session were similar for a variety of problems.

So I’ve taken this initial 45-minute ‘meeting’ and put it into a format that you can order without ever making the trip to my office.

Self Help-Me-Over – My particular interests in counselling meant that I was not going to be the first point of call for people and their problems.

But one thing that did surprise me was how many people ended up telling me that they thought they had gotten over something, only to find that they hadn’t. It seemed to me that this was an unnecessary step, and that they needed to have some way to check that they were indeed over the issue, experience, relationship, trauma, etc.

This is a set of tools that I wish more people had, and I certainly made sure these people had before they left my office.

Self Help Sleeping Meds – There were a few situations where people would come to me and within a few sentences I would know almost exactly what I would do for the rest of the session. People with sleeping problems were one of them.

If they were already taking something to help them sleep – be it prescription medication, herbal products, or something more exotic – then they were almost always using it in a way that didn’t help their sleep.

Sometimes they were simply scared of risking becoming addicted, and had rejected using the medication in the past.

These valid concerns would disappear when I explained how they could use sleeping aids safely, effectively, and with no risk of addiction. A big raodblock to the rest of their success was then removed.

Self Help Rx – If someone came to me and was on medication, then it turned out that it was worth me asking a few questions.

Even though I was trying hard to focus on ways of helping people so that they didn’t need medication or pills or other treatments, often they were on them already and so I wanted to make sure that they were taking full advantage of this.

Whether I was able to make it finally work for them, or help them avoid unwanted side effects, or get them off the medication altogether, I found that a few simple steps were enough to make a big difference, even before the counselling began.

Self Help Compensation – The research says that people who are in compensation schemes have worse health outcomes than people who aren’t – and from my personal experience it doesn’t surprise me one bit.

The researchers can um and ah about why that is but what I saw in the people who came to me was that being ‘caught in the system’, be it worker’s compensation, victim’s of crime, legal claims… all these had the same basic flaw.

They had people who were in trouble, and the system made it as difficult as it could be to apply self help methods.

That made self help very difficult. But not impossible… and so that’s what I went about teaching to everyone who saw me who was considering being involved in a compensation claim. The sturdiest self help methods I could find. They needed all of them!

Dilemma Self Help – It’s funny being a counselor and being asked for advice in areas where you have no expertise to make the decision.

“What job should I take?” “Is it okay for me to go out with this person?” “What should I do doc?”

And I could sit down and find out all the details, and go through the ‘problem-solving’ methods I had available me from my bag of tricks, and yet this wasn’t what I wanted for people.

How could I give them tools to make their own decisions without teaching them all I had been trained in? Well these are the shortcuts I have taught people over and over again.

These 6 products would cover about 80% of the people I have seen in my counselling practice. What about you?

What is the situation in your life?

Each of these products above solves a particular problem, sometimes addressing an issue you may not have even considered important before.

You can go back above and visit the order page by clicking on the titles. Over to you.

-Dr Martin W. Russell

Self Help From A Therapist… Welcome!

Some how self help seems to be a strange concept when you are a therapist.

After all, if self help actually worked, who would need a therapist?

Wouldn’t it just be solved by the person themselves, without any outside ‘expert’ intervention?

This is the paradox I found myself in as I did therapy with people. So many of them would come in because all the effort they had made for themselves had not paid off in the way they hoped.

I didn’t want them to stop making their own efforts, and start relying on me or other so-called experts to run their lives for them. Were they meant to ‘outsource’ their relationships, their problems, even their happiness, just like they might outsource their accounts to a bookkeeper? No way!

Because there were some people who tried to do that…

“I want to stop smoking, and I’ve come to you for hypnosis.”

The more I heard lines like this the more I realized that they just wanted to lie back, disappear from the world for a while, and wake up changed forever.

They were handing all of the responsibility over to me – and worse than that… I was accepting it!!!

The dawning realization that I was being taken for granted, made me mad.

I became a ‘thera-pissed’.

Bit-by-bit my ‘therapy’ changed. More and more my work became about handing back responsibility to the person themselves.

And this is where this blog begins, and ends. With you – the person who wants changes in your life.

Welcome. I look forward to helping you to help yourself.

-Dr Martin W. Russell