Christmas Day Is Half Over

We’re only 24 hours through the 48 hour Christmas Day around the world.

When I was growing up I worked out that Santa was quick.

He only had one evening to deliver presents to every girl and boy in the world.

In fact assuming all of us kiddies went to bed at about 9pm (the latest I had heard about) then woke at 5am (the earliest I had heard about) then that meant only 8 hours to do the lot.

Then I worked out it was worse. With midnight church service for many people that meant that he only really had from about 2am onwards.

That reduced it down to just 3 hours.

I was amazed at Santa’s skills.

But… my theoretical maths was all wrong!

If I had actually been Santa for one night I would have realized that I didn’t really need to be as quick as I had thought. I didn’t have a mere 3 hours.

With the world having different times all over the place even if I visited every house between 2am and 5am I would have an entire extra 24 hours at my disposal, making a total of 27 hours!

Much, much easier.

That’s the trouble with thinking. It’s not the same as doing.

Doing has so many extra elements that somehow aren’t obvious until you do a heck of a lot of thinking and planning, or, just go and actually do it.

Here is your Christmas present to stop thinking and simply do it.

Pick your gift from any one of these 5 online video Self Help products that I made this year:

Then reply to the blog announcement email with your pick before Hawaii ends it’s Christmas Day and I will send your gift to you.

The first batch of presents has been sent out already, but it’s not too late.

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-Dr Martin Russell

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