Claiming The Title

There are so many people claiming the titles of Depression, or Bi-Polar these days.

There are certainly companies who spend a lot of time and money telling us that every possible emotion, other than a sort of flat-lined acceptance of inevitability is an illicit symptom of a pathology.

If your life seems dull and pointless, and you can’t think of anything to get excited about, you are depressed, it could be Depression and need to get yourself dosed with some new, but legal, drug.  If you are particularly happy, and your mind is clicking away coming up with amazing idea after amazing idea, you are just in a “Manic phase,” and in addition, though it feels good, it will soon be over.

These medical “titles” have escaped from the narrow confines of the psychiatric world into public and commercial use, and they are running havoc.

This is a trend and at least partly a marketing-driven trend at that.

Nobody makes any medication sales if you are not self-diagnosing as “ill” to get you to go see a “medical professional” in the first place.

Once you are in their office it is easy for most medical professionals to fit your situation into the idea that they have something on the shelf that can bring your emotional state back to being more appropriate.

Once you are taking something, it can often lead to you taking more, whether by increasing the original dose, or adding something to treat side-effects of the original pill, or because you are seeing a health professional who is helpful enough to find a title for something else you have.

Then what happens if you want to stop the pills?

Anarchy will ensue, of course.

Or will it?

The only way you can find out is to stop the pills “under medical supervision”.

Isn’t that an interesting Catch-22.

-Dr Martin Russell

2 thoughts on “Claiming The Title”

  1. You have to have medical supervision to stop taking medication. LOL! Priceless. However, I understand there are some situations where quitting is much more dangerous than the symptom that led your medical professional to prescribe the drug in the first place.

  2. I’m in the states where tv advertising of pharmaseuticals(sp?) is rampant, but I found a “holistic” doctor. I am now successfully using light therapy for SAD. No antidepressants for years. Whereas other members of my family are considered chronic and will always be on pills.

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