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This self help website attracts readers worldwide, from the US, Canada, Australia and UK, along with about 30 other countries so far. This is the main value of this site.

A few of my readers come from Adelaide, South Australia, where I have my solo counselling practice.

There are some things I can offer locally that I can’t yet do world-wide, so I would like to invite my Adelaide or South Australia readers to get specific local updates.

I will be able to provide access to other aspects of my self help/counselling work, including…

  • Local Adelaide presentations I’m currently doing on why almost all the weight loss methods around today don’t work in the long-term. [Hint: it’s probably NOT your fault. The methods themselves are flawed.]
  • How I fixed my every backache, knee pain, neck twinge, headache, and more, over the past 5 years… without pills, braces, physiotherapists or chiropractors, and all for less than $100.
  • AND, a special offer for an appointment with me at no cost to you. Currently my standard consulting fee is $206 for a 45-minute session (as I am a GP, Medicare Rebates and Safety Net do apply), but as a reader of this blog I would like to offer you – or someone you know – a complete session on me.

You can get all the details by entering your name and email address here…

Full Name:
Email Address:

NOTE: To keep the disruption of the rest of my practice appointments to a minimum this offer is for April only. Also, with school holidays in Adelaide this month my practice will be closed for one week for time with my family, so I suggest you phone my office as soon as you receive the email after you sign up.

-Dr Martin Russell

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