Headaches Are Caused By…

When people come to me and complain about headaches, they usually are quick to suspect their headaches are caused by stress or some psychological worry.

After all if they thought their headaches were caused by something physical, that a physiotherapist could fix for example, they wouldn’t be seeing a psychological self help guy in the first place now would they.

However not every headache is caused by something physical or even something psychological, some are caused by…

“Aspirin-Deficiency Syndrome”.

Yes that’s right.

Perhaps you haven’t heard of Aspirin-Deficiency Syndrome before, however it is obvious that this is a cause of headaches, because rectifying the problem is a well known cure.

Simply take aspirin and more often than not your headache disappears, and that of course is because you are treating the fundamental cause of the headache ie aspirin-deficiency.

Unfortunately aspirin washes out of the body quickly so you need to keep taking it for the deficiency to be properly addressed.

Aspirin is a naturally occurring substance, although often deficient in the diet of many people in the world. For people who require a supplementation to their diet it can be conveniently found in the form of a tablet.

However aspirin-deficiency syndrome is not just a cause of headaches.

No. It is also a cause of all types of aches and pains, and even fevers and chills.

Aspirin-deficiency syndrome is a known factor in bowel cancer, heart disease, and even blood clotting disorders. It may even be an important factor in causing Alzheimer’s.

Here is short list of deficiency syndromes that can cause headaches:
– top of the list is Aspirin-deficiency Syndrome,
– Tylenol-deficiency syndrome,
– codeine-deficiency syndrome (sometimes confused as being withdrawal rebound headaches),
– caffiene-deficiency syndrome (also confused with withdrawal symptoms),
– manual-therapist-deficiency syndrome,
– bed-rest-deficiency syndrome…

Heck, ask your pharmacist to tell you what deficiency syndrome you have. Almost guaranteed, your headaches are caused by a deficiency of something they have on their shelves, and the cure follows from the diagnosis.

At least that’s the way alot of our society treats it. So hop on board.

-Dr Martin Russell

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3 thoughts on “Headaches Are Caused By…”

  1. Hi Doc,

    Funny stuff!

    I’ve found the cause of most of my headaches to be… dehydration. When I stay hydrated, I AMAZINGLY don’t get them.

    To bad they can’t put an 8oz glass of water so I culd just take that 🙂


  2. At least now we have a bottled water industry that is ready to tell us about this new deficiency.

    Think back to the bad old days when we had to work out for ourselves that we were thirsty!

    Seriously, for me I do get headaches that are resolved by drinking water, but if I’m not drinking it’s usually because I’m sitting at this computer. So I suspect it is a water + posture problem in the first place.

  3. Martin,

    For me, dehydration and sleep-deprivation are the major causes of my headaches. Like you, if I haven;t had enough water it’s probably because I’ve been at the computer (too long).

    Thanks for this tongue-in-cheek entry!


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