Horrible Time?

Christmas and New Year and the time in between is meant to be wonderful, isn’t it?

Well for many people it isn’t.

Sometimes this time can be very lonely, or bring up bad memories, or intensify unpleasant emotions, or highlight any one of a number of possible problems that don’t improve just because someone says this is a happy time of year.

If you are in this situation I would like to suggest an option for you.

I probably can’t solve all your problems in this post. Sorry. I thought I should get that out of the way early.

But what I can do is give you the type of distraction that is often therapeutic too.

If you are feeling horrible then one thing is almost always true… you are thinking about yourself.

My suggestion is that no matter how s*** your life is, you get actively involved in helping others.

You might be able to do this locally just by going outside the door, and this is the ideal way to do it, but I want to also give you a way to act on this suggestion right now, sitting at your computer.

Here’s what I mean.

Think of 3 people or organizations who deserve some appreciation.

There might be lots more people or organizations that do NOT deserve appreciation, but for this I want you to pick out three that in some way, no matter how big or how small, do.

Maybe someone helped you out. Maybe they said something that stuck with you. Maybe you hated it at the time but realized the value in it later.

Maybe an organization is doing things that you realize is worthwhile. Maybe it’s an individual within an organization.

Do you know how rarely people hear a sincere “Thankyou”?

Indeed, ask yourself how often people have thanked you when you have done something nice or gone out of your way to be helpful.

I want you to think of 3 people or organizations to thank, that you have mailing addresses for, or you can find a mailing address for.

Then I want you to click on the link below, to send each of these a paper-and-ink greeting card with your appreciation in it.

Yes that’s right.

You will be at your computer, picking a card, typing in a message, and the next business day someone will print out your card, stuff it in an envelope, address it, stick a stamp on it, and pop it in the mail so it will be delivered sometime in the January mail.

Imagine the surprise when the person you send the card to sorts through their mail with bills, junk mail, notices etc, and finds a greeting card that has a message of appreciation inside it.

They will be able to sit the card on their desk, or on their fridge, as an ongoing acknowledgment that some really did notice them and their efforts.

That’s the goal.

Now let me introduce the card-sending service. It’s one I use myself in a variety of ways.

When you click on the link below you will be asked to enter your name and physical mailing address. This is for the return address on the envelope as required by the post office.

There will also be a voice-over from the head of the company who will talk you through sending your first card. He will talk about ‘promptings’ instead of showing appreciation. It’s a similar idea.

Once you have followed along and sent your first card, stop him chattering on the audio, and go send your other two cards on your own.

This will remain open until January 2nd, ie until this time of year has passed.

There is no cost to you. These cards, including postage, are yours with my best wishes for the Self Help season.

Think of the 3 people, and click below…


Your privacy is assured. The only correspondence you may receive is an email from me to check in with how you went.

Oh, and don’t limit your imagination. This service can send a card to anyone you have an address for anywhere in the world.

-Dr Martin Russell

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