“I’m Sick – But My Doctor Doesn’t Know What It Is” – a Solution?

Know anyone who has seen lots of doctors and other health experts, but nothing has worked?

Read below, and then get them to read this too.

In medicine, the most important thing is to figure out is what exactly is the actual problem ie the diagnosis.

Once you know what you are treating then the rest can be like following a recipe, but as multiple episodes of the TV program “House” demonstrate, getting to the bottom of medical problems can sometimes be very tricky indeed.

Sure you can go on Google and hunt for yourself, and that’s certainly a good place to start. But for unusual situations it still can leave you without answers, or simply make you even more confused.

Enter CrowdMed – a crowdsource way to pin down a diagnosis.


And make sure to spread the word because this is a tool that may save a life or restore a life of someone who is suffering right now.

One thought on ““I’m Sick – But My Doctor Doesn’t Know What It Is” – a Solution?”

  1. Definitely pays to dig a bit deeper and ask yourself some big questions when you’re in a bad way. I was depressed a couple of years ago but have now found such good support mechanisms and soul food that I could never see myself back where I was! Very interesting video.

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