Natural Eating Series – Creating the “Mmmm” Experience

You know that moment where you smelled or tasted something that was blissfully wonderful?

Take a moment to think about just such a wonderful eating experience now.

And as you do, you probably say to yourself…


So, stop reading and think of just such a moment now.


Done that? Okay, welcome back!

Makes all your senses come alive, doesn’t it!

Or does it?

Because, it probably doesn’t make ALL your senses come alive?

Take a moment to think about what you are actually doing in that “Mmmm” moment.

You will notice that although you may be caught up in the smell, or the taste, or the texture in your mouth, or even the crunch as you bite and chew it – your eyes may be closed!

Think about your “Mmmm” again.

Didn’t you, at the peak of the enjoyment, close your eyes?

So your sense of sight wasn’t part of it!

Interesting huh?

Well it can be more than an interesting fact.

In fact it can be a powerful assist to eating your way naturally thin.

Swedish researchers found that when people were blindfolded they ate 22% less, and still felt just as full.

Of course you don’t have to be blindfolded to eat; that would be weird.

But you can take the time to concentrate on all your other awareness of smells, tastes, textures and how they change as you eat.

Just like a wine taster, you can start with the look, but then move on to the aromas, then the tastes etc etc, all the way through to swallowing.

If it helps you to actually close your eyes, you can do this too. Mmmm.

Look out for your next tip to natural thin eating in your inbox tomorrow.

And meanwhile, enjoy the “Mmmm”s!

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