Out-of-the-Box Conflict Management – 61 Real Life Stories

Sweet Fruit From The Bitter Tree

Human beings are incredibly creative.

If you go to a training or read a book to learn about ‘conflict management’ you will be given specific theories, tools and strategies to work with.

Ways to think about how to ‘resolve’, ‘handle’, ‘manage’, ‘avoid’, ‘address’, ‘deal with’ conflict – whatever those terms really mean.

You may even be training to become a fully-fledged conflict resolution mediator!

But there is SO much more possibility for what to do than can be found in any single practical framework or series of conflict managment techniques or tips

When I first heard about the idea of this book it was from the author’s father, Steve Andreas. Steve was doing a training in Australia on “Self-Esteem”, and hidden away in a side comment on the first day he spoke about the fact that he was collecting stories about people who had been in traumatic situations.

In particular he was searching for real experiences from people who had “handled conflict” in a way that had turned the situation completely around and made it life-affirming and inspiring.

He knew that there are many, many different and often surprising ways to do what people call ‘conflict resolution’, and he was trying to find as many examples as he could.

It’s now about 5 years later and this book, written by his son Mark Andreas, finally arrives, and I am delighted to share one of these stories with you from Mark himself.

Have a listen to this ‘conflict management’ technique, as used in an experience of a mugging by six men in the back streets of Glasgow…

You can check out more about these stories of hope in conflict managment on Amazon here:

Sweet Fruit from the Bitter Tree: 61 Stories of Creative & Compassionate Ways out of Conflict

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  1. Thank you for mentioning this book. I’ve never heard of it before and it sounds very interesting.

  2. Interesting indeed Denise. Humans are capable of so much more variety, as this shows.

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