Pssst. Want A Phobia?

I want a phobia. Anybody got one to give me. I want to be phobic about being bored. Or maybe phobic about doing the same thing too many times. Or maybe I already am.

I’m told that Stephen King doesn’t just write about his phobia-producing monsters. He also makes use of them. Each time he wants to get himself back to writing, he imagines the worst of them leering over his shoulder, snorting onto his neck, screaming at him to get to work.

I could give it to everyone who walked in complaining of motivation problems – heh, heh, heh. Take one each morning and race into rest of the day.

Instead of hitting the sleep button on the alarm – just have a phobia about it. “I don’t know what happened – I was in bed asleep, I heard this noise, and I just had to  race out of the room. The quicker I get out to the car the better. Can I go now?”

Think I’m not being serious?

You might not think of things as phobias, but many people control themselves and others by phobias.

The Depression installed a phobia of wasting food in many who went through these experiences.

For sheer terror try telling a person in a domestic violence relationship to leave. What ever way the partner installed this phobia, it works only too well.

Here is a phobia. Think of the multi-millionaire entrepeneurs, especially those who stand up as motivational speakers, who describe their success this way.

“When I grew up my parents were dirt poor. We came from conditions so bad that I decided I would never let myself and my family be like that, and I would work to help others to get out of that.”

They then say, “Since I came so far, anyone can do this too.”

Yeah, by having a phobia of their childhood conditions severe enough to provide life-long terror motivation.

I prefer choice in my phobias.

What would phobia you like to have?

-Dr Martin Russell

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