Psychological Magic

One of my favorite lines in hypnosis is the idea that you “know much more than you know you know”… at least unconsciously.

There is so much information in the world that it is impossible to take it all in consciously.

You know a part of it, but what do you know without recognizing it.

As I write this there is the feeling of my shoes on my feet, the hum of the computer and the color of the walls around me that I ‘know’ at least at some level but I take for granted.

I loved magic as a kid but ended up in mind tricks instead. The two are very linked as thisvideo shows.

[This may seem like a pretty simple bit of magic, but it gets more interesting about half-way through.]

-Dr Martin Russell

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  1. Nice one!
    Sorry to say but I was completely “taken in” too 😉

    No wonder that eye-witness accounts are dealt with very carefully by law enforcement folks…

  2. This article is sooo true. I am now sending you the power of happiness, prosperity, and love.

    Mental Perception

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