Reply To Gary Craig – Or EFT Is Bunkum? – Part 4

Gary Craig, the creator of Emotional Freedom Technique left a note on the blog about my posts on EFT (Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3)

He suggests I look into the research on EFT that he links to and comments on at his website, and I will do so in coming posts.

However he also has this to say…

“… your explanation of how EFT works in Part 2 of your EFT Bunkum series falls seriously short. If you are interested in discussing this, please correspond with me directly and not publicly.”

Following this I spoke with Gary, and he confirmed he didn’t want to discuss this publicly but gave me his thoughts for my own use.

With those ideas in mind I’ve wanted to complete this series and include the extra information about EFT, but I am happy to let Gary speak for himself and not put words in his mouth.

So what I say here is based on what is already publicly available online.

First let me agree with Gary Craig.

My assessment of EFT is indeed “seriously short”.

That is because EFT is no longer limited by Chinese medicine and concept of Chi energy flow.

EFT is now into the realms of quantum healing, which has much more diverse and wonderful qualities.

This has brought up a new technique of “surrogate” or “intentional” EFT.

What is “surrogate” or “intentional” EFT? Well here is one simple example from Gary Craig’s website:

I stood in the kitchen and could hear [my 3-year old and 5-year old children in their bedrooms] coughing. I focused on each one individually and tapped myself while focusing on each one, calling them by name. Within fifteen minutes I was headed for bed and it was very quiet in their rooms. I just smiled. Of course I have no way of knowing if what I did caused them to quiet so quickly, but I do enjoy believing so.

GARY CRAIG COMMENT: I, too, have no way of knowing if your “intentional EFT” did the trick here. It could have been coincidence. What I don’t think is coincidence, however, are the numerous reports of success using these “way out there” intentional procedures. I have done it myself on several occasions.

What Gary is saying is that you can tap with the intention to help someone else, and the other person will improve.

Even more “way out there” are the claims that you can tap on yourself without the person even being there, or you can simply IMAGINE tapping without doing any physical action, and the results will happen for that person too.

This makes EFT closer to the idea of “prayer” which does have a history of being researched as a healing tool.

Most importantly this quantum version of EFT goes way beyond the claims of Chinese medicine at least the way I understand it. It also goes far beyond the theory I proposed for how EFT works.

There is no published research on “surrogate” or “intentional” EFT, but there are lots and lots of impressive case studies, so how do I explain these?

I suggest a combination of 3 things:

  1. Coincidence:- as Gary Craig mentions above,
  2. Non-verbal/unconscious communication:- the mother being calmer from the tapping was “noticed” by her children, perhaps in the noises they could hear from their rooms, and
  3. Selection-bias:- if the tapping hadn’t worked the mother would have forgotten the incident, but it worked so she made special note of it and even wrote to Gary about it.

Perhaps it would be simpler if quantum energy was the sole explanation, but all the above 3 effects are enough to explain it for me.

So my original explanation was indeed too short. The current work in quantum EFT requires me to add 3 more explanations to cover it all.

-Dr Martin Russell

9 thoughts on “Reply To Gary Craig – Or EFT Is Bunkum? – Part 4”

  1. I’ve started using EFT & I find that it gives me a break from constantly using the computer and let’s me take a moment to think about myself. I thought it worked yesterday like self-hypnosis, but I didn’t have the same results today. I will still keep trying, though, because I believe the only way I can change my habits and ways of thinking is through myself and this is one possible way to assist me in making needed changes (reminding me to exercise, eat on a regular schedule, etc.). The results I had yesterday had two people whom I love give me wonderful affirmations in spite of the fact that I heard a friend died and I had little time to prepare to run a meeting for another friend who was in the hospital and I had a trojan on a web site. It was still a great day & I think EFT helped.

    BTW, can you set up cookies or something to keep your email box from popping up for those of us who already subscribe?

  2. Joyce,

    I use Pete Egoscue’s exercises to take a break from the computer. EFT is at worst harmless, at best therapeutic, and I like the fact that it gets people to acknowledge the negatives in their lives rather than try to cover over things with positive affirmations.

    As for the pop-ups I haven’t got an option for this but I’d be interested in your suggestions.

  3. Miami Phillips says:

    I have used EFT with some success – no matter how it works! But I enjoy your posts all the same.

    Try going to AWEBER and changing your settings for your opt in. I think you can do it there…

  4. Mirabelle says:

    It’s interesting how we try to explain things based on our own limited understanding and presume that must be all there is. I suggest Dr Martin that you do some research into quantum physics experiments that have shown all manner of amazing possibilities. Then you would have a broader base to try to explain EFT with.

  5. Ive been doing EFT on myself for 3 years for breaking limiting beliefs. It works like a charm. And Im not even making money off it so I dont really need to say this.

  6. It works. oh btw its free. as far as word of mouth I’ve never heard something bad said of it.
    I’ve also never heard anything nearly as productive coming out of traditional therapists/drugs/counseling. generally what i hear coming from that side of the financially driven healing market is “relapse”. just a thought.

  7. Unlike some things that cost a lot of money to try, or are very involved and take lots of training and time, EFT is relatively simple to learn and use, and it’s free.

    First you need to read Gary Craig’s EFT manual so you know exactly how to use it and understand the vast array of issues it can relieve. So? Why not try it? You might be pleasantly surprised.

  8. Mirabelle – I can look, but what are you wanting me to find. EFT theories have moved quite far from their origins, and without independent research to follow it. Pity.

    And yes I do still recommend EFT to receptive patients. My concern is about how the field is meant to develop further without a solid basis in theory and research.

  9. yes, it is useful, diversion from the habitual or scripted way of thinking and feeling and replacing it with self acceptance unconditionally is the hall mark of all therapies.

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