Saying Sorry Pays Well

The problem will alot of the self help literature is that much of it is unproven guesswork.

That’s why I thirst for real data and evidence on self help topics.

One area of big importance to self help is apologizing. However I have never found anything in my medical or psychiatry or psychology background that said anything about this vital human skill. Wonder why?

Anyway, it fascinated me when a market research study came to this conclusion.

“People earning over $100,000 a year are almost twice as likely to apologize after an argument or mistake as those earning $25,000 or less”.

For the full story from Fortune writer Anne Fisher click here.

-Dr Martin Russell

3 thoughts on “Saying Sorry Pays Well”

  1. Great point Martin,
    The best bosses I’ve evr had were appologisers and they seemed to be promoted more often.

  2. Fred,

    Some cynics have suggested that this study shows that butt-kissers get higher up the corporate ladder.

    But as you point out it is really about apologizing to everyone including people who work under you, not merely trying to save face with your superiors.

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