Self Help For Sleeping Pills – The Campaign

I want to change the world, or at least a bit of it.

So I’m giving some stuff away for free, and I’m wanting your help.

If you agree that people are popping too many pills in this world, or you just have an interest in helping people improve their lives then read on…

Working as a family doctor, and now as a counselor, one common issue people have is trouble sleeping.

They can’t get a good night’s rest.

They come to me and I offer them stress reduction, sleep hygiene, hypnosis, meditation among other self help methods.

But like it or not, many people want to pop a pill.

It turns out that sleeping pills are in fact a growth industry. Over the past decade the sales of prescription sedatives, much of which is sleeping pills, has doubled to $4 Billion in 2006 in the US alone.

The prediction is for an explosion to $5 Billion in the US by 2010. The rest of the world is following this frightening trend.

Even worse, remember that this is just on prescription pills. The dollar amounts are WAAYY bigger if you add in all the non-prescription sleeping pills, potions, sprays, etc, etc.

Most people worry about the side effects, but here is the real issue.

These pills are not recommended to be used longer than 2-4 weeks!

Yet whether prescription medication, natural, herbal, alternative or whatever, people end up taking them for months, years, and sometimes the rest of their lives!

This is unforgivably horrendous.

But what can be done?

It’s easy to just say “Don’t take the pills”, but that message won’t stop this pill-popping avalanche.

People take sleeping pills because they want sleep and the pills work.

If they used them short-term it would be okay, but people don’t.

Many people end up taking them long-term. They don’t want to, but if they simply follow the instructions on the packet and pop a pill each night for 2-4 weeks they find that when they stop the pills, more often than not, their sleeping problems come straight back.

They don’t even have to be physically addicted to the drugs, it’s just that they haven’t broken their habit of poor sleep.

So they go back on the sleeping pills again.

They are caught!

This recurring Sleeping Pill Catch-22 can be avoided!

Back when I was a family doctor, I began suggesting a 3-step system for my patients to help them take sleeping medication in the smallest effective dose, for as little time as possible, and without risking getting addicted.

I’ve recommended it in my counseling practice too.

It even helps people who are already taking sleeping pills, prescription and otherwise.

As far as I’m concerned they should stuff instructions for this 3-step system into every packet sold.

If you haven’t guessed by now I’m passionate about this.

My big dream is to stop the sleeping pill market in it’s tracks, and reverse it into steady decline, simply by having people take the pills they way they were meant to be used – short-term.

One thing is guaranteed. I can’t do this campaign alone.

So here is where you come in.

I originally made this as a product to sell. I would now prefer this information just gets out to people.

You may want this information on the link below for your own sleep. If so great. It’s all there for you. There is nothing left out and no extra product you need. It’s all yours.

However, even if it’s not for you personally I’d appreciate your help in making this known to as many people as possible. Sleeping problems are a not a common topic of conversation so you won’t know all of your family, friends, and colleagues who really want and need this system.

This is the page where I open up all the details for the 3-step system.

I appreciate you leaving your opinions, ideas, feedback, suggestions for how to get this message out there etc as a comment below.

-Dr Martin Russell

19 thoughts on “Self Help For Sleeping Pills – The Campaign”

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  2. I’ve been curious about getting myself sleeping pills a while back when I had trouble sleeping. I was stressed most of the time and at night, my mind still seems to be stuck at work. I didn’t rally realize that sleeping pills are only meant to be taken for a certain period of time. It’s a good thing that I have somehow solved the sleeping problem all by myself and didn’t have to rely on those pills.

  3. Jay,

    Your situation is exactly why I would like this information stuck in the pill packets themselves. Unfortunately I do not have that power.

    What I can do is use this blog and the website as a platform to get this message out as wide as possible, so that at least if you go hunting you can find it.

    Oh, and this system can also help someone get OFF sleeping pills to. That bit is in the third video.

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  6. Thanks so much for this article! I was chronically ill and in chronic pain for years and doctors were always pushing sleeping pills on me. Through natural approaches such as meditation I cured my sleep issues. I now blog on natural ways to heal. I love seeing others feel as strongly about this as I do — especially a doctor! Gratefully, Jenny

  7. Hi Jennifer,

    First of all congratulations. Anyone who has been given the label fibromyalgia and is now fine is doing something wonderfully right.

    Sleeping pills are such a common medication, and I’m not surprised doctors suggested it when little else was working.

    Pills aren’t really a ‘natural’ approach to anything, and it doesn’t matter whether the pills are benzos, melatonin, Vitamin B capsules, or whatever. This issue is relevant for doctors, and also for anyone else who offers health advice.

    Glad to have your support.

  8. Megan at Imaginif says:

    Thanks for putting this one in the Carnival of Australia. The over reliance on pills worries me greatly and your campaign has some real merit.
    I’ll push this in our safety talk forum.

  9. Hi Megan,

    Thanks for spreading the word. Let me know if I can be of assistance with that because the forum looks like a good spot.

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