Self Help… Thinking Bigger

Self help can often seem very individual and isolated.

However when I say ‘self help’ it includes the idea that no man/woman is an island.

If you are reading this then chances are you are in a very priviledged position compared to most of the 6+ billion humans on this planet.

There is an entire world around us and lots of other people in that world too.

As individuals our fates are often tied to the people, culture, financial system, politics etc etc around us.

However if you don’t take these bigger factors into account, your own individual efforts can end up swamped by the tide of history.

One of these factors is this…

I do not believe that the next 20 years will be ANYTHING like the last 20 years.

What works today, will often NOT work tomorrow, because the future will not just be a straight line continuation of the past.

Helping yourself will show others that it is possible.

Helping yourself will also put you in a position to help people who haven’t planned for an altered future.

Like they say on airplanes safety instructions, “Please make sure you have your own oxygen mask on before assisting others.”

I encourage you in these turbulent times to view these videos here as a starter…

Take these bit by bit. Each one is a treasure of bigger thinking, and it is the best presented version I know of how thinking bigger can really be self help.

Oh, and just for the record, I only go along with with 95% of everything he says. I’ll let you judge what the 5% is.

-Dr Martin Russell

2 thoughts on “Self Help… Thinking Bigger”

  1. Richard Austin says:

    This is exactly the the type of thing we’re talking about at Great post! thanks. It really helps me appreciate the position I’m in and my abilibity to help others.

  2. Tom Blackford says:

    Martin, I am grateful for the link to what seems critically important information. I thought I was reasonably aware of the environment, and although coping with the world economic crisis, I was thinking that the stimulus packages by governments would return sufficient stability. I am now reminded of the magnitude of the world’s problems, and will consider more urgently what action I can take. Thanks, Tom

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