36 Hour Offer

The credit for making this site a reality goes to a guy called James Brausch.

He wasn’t really the inspiration for this site, more like a solid kick up the butt.

Anyway, he got me to do something I was thinking wouldn’t happen for at least 3 years, if ever. I’ve got much else to credit the guy for (after I finish applying the bandages) but now’s my chance to pay back the favour.

I’m making a special offer.

James has a slap-around-the-head audio CD called “Time Life Management 101″, and he’s doing a buy one, get one free offer.

So from now until August 28th at 5pm US Eastern Standard Time, if you purchase 2 or more copies of James Brausch’s CD I will give you either,

– a complimentary copy of any of my 6 Self Help products, listed on the right hand side of this page.


– all 6 of my Self Help products (over $200 worth) for just $35.

My Self Help Meeting product was already reviewed by James and to sum up his comments on his blog “It blew me away.”

His CD and my products fit well together.

You can order 2 or more copies of James’ audio CD from this link for chump change…


Then email me this receipt along with the name of the Self Help product you wish to have.


PayPal $35 to Martin (at) WordofMouthMagic.com and include your receipt in the form.

Between the Self Help Products and Life Management 101 you’ll be well on your way to changing your life dramatically!

-Dr Martin W. Russell

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