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Worker’s Compensation: How To Manage The System

The idea of a Compensation system is excellent.

The intention is to support worker’s, or accident victims, or victim’s of crime, or some other group of people who have had bad things happen to them through no fault of their own, and help them get better.

However the reality ends up far different.

As a medical doctor, the various compensation systems are often a nightmare to deal with.

Even though they pay better than standard fees, doctors routinely avoid dealing with such cases if they can. Indeed in my practice I eventually refused to continue seeing such patients.

The legal and administrative hassles are incredible, and even worse, the health care outcomes are not good.

It seemed to me, as an insider that it wasn’t working for the greatest benefit of the injured person.

It turns out that it wasn’t just my opinion either.

So in 2009 just shortly after one of my original patient’s whom I had seen in the local WorkCover system died*, I put together a series of training.

These trainings are designed to be exactly what I would offer a patient who was coming to see me.

It’s what I would say to them, what I would advise them, and the information I would give them, so that they can make the most of what I have come to believe is a fundamentally flawed system.

There is no fixing this system – and sometimes you can’t even opt out of it!

The best I can offer is to change and empower YOU to make the most of it, however you can.

With that warning, let me welcome you into my ‘office’ for a self-help series of sessions on how to manage a Compensation system…



*In Memoriam: Harry Magias – 1953-2009