The 48 Hour Christmas Day

As this is an international website, and midnight Christmas Day has started on the International dateline, I have decided to let everyone open up their presents here for the whole 48 hours of the world’s Christmas Day.

You can choose the present from any of the products I made available on this blog this year.

Each of them are an online video version of the medical counseling session I would have with you if you came to me.

Each product covers a different issue.

Of course the sleeping one is available generally already, so here are the ones you can choose from.

If you have a dilemma –

If you’re in a compensation or Worker’s Comp scheme –

If you want to resolve something –

If you’re taking medication or treatment –

Or my general toolkit for change, especially if nothing else is working –

Finally, if none of these are applicable for you, then I invite you to suggest a topic you need. If I end up making a product for it in 2008 it will be yours to have with my complements as a belated Christmas 2007 present.

Here’s all you need to do.

Reply to the blog announcement email before Christmas Day ends, and tell me which one you want.

If you are not yet receiving notifications for this blog then go the main page and enter your name and email in the boxes on the top right side. You can reply to the Welcome email you will receive.

Just make sure you email me your choice before Christmas Day ends.


-Dr Martin Russell

2 thoughts on “The 48 Hour Christmas Day”

  1. Thanks Dr. Russell for offering a Christmas gift. I wanted to review the sales page for but it doesn’t seem to resolve anywhere. It says “can’t find the server.” So I am just a little stuck. Since I was unable to decide on any of the others it seems as though maybe I need the most. Is that true? (My sense of humour is very dry so forgive the joking if it didn’t go over well. If it did then I am glad to have made you smile.)

    Seriously – I don’t know that you would want to do anything on Hypnosis for calming/committing to an action. That’s what I would like to see.

  2. Hi Ria,

    I haven’t received an email from you so I can’t send you either of them. No dilemma for me.

    (Your sense of humour is as dry as mine.)

    Thanks for suggesting “calming/committing to an action”. I’m not quite sure what you mean by each of those though so if you could give an example when you email me that would do. I also wouldn’t limit my product to just Hypnosis as a tool, even though it is a powerful one.

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