The Diet Spring Clean

Welcome Readers, old and new … it’s Spring in the Southern Hemisphere!

Time for that famous phrase “spring clean” – making sure things are not just tidied away or half-done, but thoroughly cleaned out ready for summer.

Do you want to lose weight, a little or lots?

Do you want to stop feeling guilty, or ‘out of control’ around food?

Have you tried eating differently, and either it was great for a while but then fell back, or it simply didn’t get the results you wanted at all?

Then this is could well be for you.

But What Is A ‘Diet Spring Clean’ ???

Thanks to Radio 5AA’s Amanda Blair, who herself ended up using just such a non-dieting approach through her own trial and error, for letting me announce this on her show on Sept 24 and recommending people come here to find out more.

I’m anti-diet, because for 95+% of people they don’t work in the long term.

People who go on diets are likely to regain all the weight they lost if not more, AND end up feeling bad and guilty about their eating as well.

Not a good result!

So instead, I’m proposing a whole clean-out of your approach to your weight, what you eat (the original meaning of the word diet before “the industry” took it over), the way you eat, your mindset, and food in general – a total “diet spring clean”.

What could possibly sweep clean aside all those rules, restrictions, “healthy” hints, nutrition tips, calorie counting, and “helpful advice” that infests the media, our friends and families, and often ourselves?

Four simple steps…

  • Step 1.  When you are hungry, eat.
  • Step 2.  Eat what you want (NOT what you think you should.)
  • Step 3.  Savour every mouthful.
  • Step 4.  When you are full, stop.

That’s it. Really.

No pills. No surgery. No meal replacements, shakes, supplements, counting, points, calories, carbs etc etc etc aaaAARFGH! Stop!

Everything else is unnecessary clutter and garbage, until and unless you have these 4 steps in place.


Good. I would be too.

In fact I was very skeptical when I first came across this, and I needed to know much more.

I’ve set up a way for you to learn more too. There is an interview with complete detail of the 4 steps packed into a short 27 minutes, and it’s all yours completely for FREE.

Simply put in the details so we can send you local Adelaide details including the interview. Type in your name, email address, and click Send.

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-Dr Martin Russell

3 thoughts on “The Diet Spring Clean”

  1. Jan Dodds says:

    When I first heard Martin speak about this ‘theory’, I said to myself, this is just way to simple. However, like many things in life, it is often the simple things in life that work best. We all want to do complex things to fix stuff, because we feel as though if it is hard to do, then the results just HAVE to be better. However, begin with the simple things . . . try it and see if it works! In retrospect, when I have been at my best weight, I think that I was actually following the programme without knowing it – eating instinctively. I have heard Martin say that we all know what it feels like to be thirsty – so you get yourself a drink. Somewhere along the way, we have actually forgotten what it feels like to be hungry . . . we eat for all sorts of different reasons, often unrelated to being hungry!

  2. Good to hear Jan. Lot of skeptics won’t believe all this coming from a doctor (yet they’ll believe alot of other stuff about diets etc.)

    Like Amanda said on the show the Hedonist’s approach – eating feels the very best when we are hungry, so do it then!

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