The House Of Interns

When I was training to be a doctor there was one book that was the “underground” text for our training.

It was a book that I only heard once mentioned officially… and that was to be told “Don’t read it.”

Imagine what we did with that instruction!
It was the story of a fresh medical intern coming to grips with difference between medicine as sacred truths, and medicine as a daily job.

It was called “The House Of God” by Samuel Shem, and I got hold of it in about my third year of training.

You could think of it like a hospital version of “Catch-22”. It is seriously black and twisted.

Television programs glorify medicine.

This book scribbles graffiti over it instead.

But when I first read “The House Of God” it didn’t make sense to me. I hadn’t had any similar experiences, so it just seemed cruel and unreal.

When I was an intern it made soooo much good sense.

If you have been trying to learn something and it’s not working for you, get a mentor who has been further along on the path you want to go.

If it is for self help, then my products for that are listed on the side.

However if you are online and want to learn internet business and marketing skills, then I have something for that too…

Oh, and by the way. In keeping with the theme of this blog the Intern Program will have self-help components in it.

The biggest stumbling blocks in a career, or in business, are often in yourself rather than any particular skills that might be missing.

So I always recommend choosing learning that includes more than just the specific skill set for the tasks.

-Dr Martin W. Russell

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