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If you’ve ever tried to learn something from a book, or from the theory of how things should work, you’ll have found that success can happen, but it’s rare.

More often there seems to be some vital ingredient missing.

In fact that is one of the reasons all my products so far are NOT written down. You have to experience them ‘live’ – even though you can review them over and over again.

As I’ve been learning about setting this up on the internet, I’ve found once again that until I actually got hands-on inside the methods of a real business I just couldn’t make all the “guru” stuff I was learning work.

Well actually I made it lots of work – way too much. Very time-consuming and rather expensive to boot.

So with this “self help” blog I have set up a intern program for those who are ready to learn the practical skills from the inside of an actual internet business.

You can think of it as self help for learning internet business skills.

There is no cost to you, and you have no risk.

If this interests you, go here to discover more…

-Dr Martin W. Russell

8 thoughts on “Intern Positions Available”

  1. Signed up and ready to go. Looking forward to next task tomorrow.

  2. Thomas Docking says:

    This sounds like a most intriguing endeavour. I look forward to the programme with great anticipation.

    Congratulations on your continued innovation, Martin.

    Oh, and Carn the Crows! (They need all of the moral support that they can get right now!) 😉



  3. Well, I am curious about this internship. What type of projects does it entail?

  4. Very good concept. I am impressed. It is true that hands on experience is a key ingredient that is missing in a great many educational programs. However, I believe that the most important ingredient missing in virtually all endeavors is that people give up entirely too easily… and often just inches before their goal! As an example, I urge our TV viewers to consider the Gatorade commercial where a runner collapses just 15 feet before the finish line, seemingly because he didn’t have his Gatorade, when the reality is, he could have crawled and possibly still beat his competitors… and at least would have made his goals, because isn’t that what this is really all about?

  5. Jessie,

    On the page description it says, “You will learn many of the skills I am using to build my self help internet business…”

    There are 2 parts to answer your question.

    1. The Intern Program entails everything inside my business that I can possibly allow a complete stranger to do.

    There is no actual prequalification for the intern program except to be able to access then type a name and email address, and click the confirmation link in the subsequent email.

    I explain the prerequisites on the page so that people can self select if it’s not for them.

    As you will see, convicted axe murderers and Nigerian scammers could join this program as easily as anyone else so there are limits to what I can put into this Entry Level Intern Program.

    2. The “projects” if you will, are the internet versions of tasks needed to build any business.

    They include online versions of advertising, promotion, marketing, product creation, traffic conversion, etc

    All of these are things are part of any internet business and most of the specific procedures will fit straight into any other online business.

    Some people will use the Intern Program to demonstrate that they are suitable to become Level 2 Interns, then employees or contractors.

    You can also use the Intern Program to practice on my business with proven systems, before you run the risks with your own.

    Then if you have your own internet business, use them for that too.

    If you don’t yet have an internet business, then you will collect a proven set of skills for when you do.

    Either way it will shortcut your success.

    -Dr Martin W. Russell

  6. Indeed an excellent way to promote your website as well as helping others 🙂 Can’t wait to get started.

  7. Very timely opportunity

  8. Thomas Docking says:

    I agree with Renison; It was like a Birthday present…

    Oh, wait… I was 30 on the 15th of August… Perhaps that should be a Retirement or Funeral present?

    30. That means I’m “Over the Hill” by 9 years now! 😉

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