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This entire blog is about self help. Weight loss is a key self help area where people often try, and about 80-95% of the time they fail.

But THEY don’t fail. In my opinion the METHODS they are using for weight loss are the failure. They don’t help for most people!

In typing this I am literally at a loss for words to express how vital this video’s message is below.

The entire western world needs to heed this weight loss call, from individuals, to health practitioners and to people in positions of wider influence. If you believe in self help then there is no more vital place to begin than by discovering what Paul McKenna is talking about.

In this promo video the important part is the specific 4 step approach to weight loss. See for yourself…

I reviewed McKenna’s book of this material on Amazon here.

-Dr Martin Russell

7 thoughts on “Weight Loss Self Help”

  1. Interesting point of view. I’m not sure how it would work on emotional eating for most of us. Maybe.. I’m willing to give it a go. πŸ™‚

  2. Hi GT,
    Use the 4 steps, which will make you thin. If emotional eating gets in the way of applying the rules, then there are many solutions and Paul uses the tapping one.

    In fact the 4 rules alone are a solution to emotional eating because emotional eating always involves eating “reward” or “forbidden” foods which is taken care of by rule 2 πŸ™‚

  3. It’s amazing how many people are borderline obese in this country! Americans are getting fatter every day.
    The solutions at hand don’t seem to be working. This country needs to deal wth this problem on a Federal level.

    Frank Sherrill

  4. Hi Frank,

    I absolutely agree that this needs to be dealt with nationally.
    Unfortunately when most authorities “deal with the problem” they think dieting, exercise programs and regulations on “bad” food. To my mind these only aggravate the problem.

    So this is a proposal for an alternative approach.

  5. Mark McClure says:

    Youtube are reporting this video no longer available when I click on it here.

  6. Thanks Mark.

    I’ve switched to using the official promo one which is a little more “hypey” than I like, but still has the crucial details.

  7. Paul McKenna is great. I listened to his audio tapes and I liked it. I think his techniques work.

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